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Chapters 31, 32, 33, and 34

Chapter 31 - The Treasure Hunt - Flint's Pointer

Silver thanks Jim for not running away and promises to stick by him. After breakfast, the pirates, leading Jim on a rope, set off to look for the buried treasure. Jim realizes how precarious his position is: he must rely on the untrustworthy Silver to protect him from the other pirates, but Silver is facing a mutiny from his men, and Dr. Livesey's warning adds to Jim's worry. Jim is struck by the pirates' recklessness: they waste food freely, abuse their boats, and bring a sick man, who should be resting, with them on the treasure hunt. The group follows the directions on the treasure map and head inland, finding the skeleton of one of Flint's crewman arranged to point the way. The superstitious pirates begin to fear that Flint's ghost might haunt the treasure.

Chapter 32 - The Treasure Hunt - The Voice Among the Trees

Muttering about spirits, the pirates continue on toward the treasure. Suddenly they hear a ghostly voice singing "Fifteen men on the dead man's chest."; the voice then quotes Captain Flint's dying words. Certain it is Flint's ghost, the men are ready to run. But Silver rallies them, saying that he won't be stopped by a dead man so close to the treasure. Silver points out that the voice has an echo, and that since a ghost doesn't cast a shadow, it shouldn't cause an echo either. Then George Merry, one of the pirates, reflects that the voice doesn't sound like Flint's so much as another man of Flint's crew - Ben Gunn. Much relieved, they proceed on to the treasure. As they spot the enormous tree that marks the spot where the treasure is buried, the men break into a run, leaving behind Jim and Silver, who seems to have forgotten his earlier friendliness toward Jim. When they reach the tree, they are shocked to find a large hole where the treasure should be.

Chapter 33 - The Fall of a Chieftain

Silver, seeing this turn of events, quickly gives Jim one of his pistols and they face the five enraged and disappointed pirates. As the pirates start to charge the outnumbered Silver, shots ring out from the woods and two pirates fall, dead. As the other three run off, Dr. Livesey, Abraham Gray, and Ben Gunn emerge from the woods and they, along with Silver and Jim, run after the pirates to cut off their route to the boats, Silver working hard to keep up on his crutches. When they have gained enough ground, they pause and Ben explains how he found the treasure a few months before the Hispaniola landed. Dr. Livesey had planned to let the pirates fight among themselves when they found the treasure gone, but when he realized Jim would be with them, he, Ben, and Gray headed toward the treasure to intercept them, Ben delaying the pirates by pretending to be the dead Captain Flint. They arrive at the ship's boats, demolish one, and set off in the other. After a trip of several miles, they arrive at the cave where Captain Smollett and Squire Trelawney are waiting with the immense treasure.

Chapter 34 - And Last

It takes several days to load all the treasure onto the Hispaniola. Silver joins the work, but is treated with suspicion by the others. Jim takes pleasure in his job, which is to sort the coins, which come from all parts of the world. They are not bothered by the three remaining pirates, who they believe to be drunk or mad with fever. The ship finally loaded, they hold a council and decide to abandon the pirates on the island, but to leave them some supplies. As the ship pulls away from the island, the three men run to the shore and beg the captain not to leave them on the island, but in vain. In desperation, the pirates fire a shot into the ship's sail. Very short of crew, the Hispaniola sails to Spanish America to find sailors. While they are in port, Silver escapes, taking a bag of gold with him. The rest of the party return to England, where they divide up the treasure and follow their separate fortunes: Captain Smollett retires from the sea; Abraham Gray becomes the mate and part-owner of a ship and starts a family; Ben Gunn wastes his money and becomes the butt of friendly jokes in his village; no more is ever heard of Long John Silver. Jim Hawkins says that he himself remains haunted by memories of his adventures on Treasure Island.

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