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Chapters 58 and 59

Chapter 58

A few days after Lady Catherine's visit, Darcy himself reappears at Longbourn, accompanied by his friend Bingley. They all go for a walk, and Bingley and Jane quickly lag behind, leaving Elizabeth, Darcy, and Kitty alone together. They walk toward the Lucases, and Kitty soon leaves them to call on Maria. Lizzy works up the courage to declare her thanks for bailing out Lydia and the entire family. Darcy is taken aback, and declares that he had not intended anyone to find out about his role in the matter. Lizzy says that she found out rather accidentally, and Darcy replies that the Bennet family owes him no thanks; he only performed the duty in regard for Lizzy. Lizzy is too embarrassed to respond, and Darcy continues, blurting out that his feelings for her have not changed since his proposal. Elizabeth, awkward but excited, tells Darcy that her feelings have completely changed, and Darcy is overjoyed. He reveals to Lizzy that his aunt did call on him, and related every detail of her encounter with Lizzy. Unfortunately for Lady Catherine, however, her visit had the exact opposite effect of its intention. He had known then, that if Lizzy had completely decided against him, she would have told his aunt. Instead, he maintained hope of her love. He apologizes for the proud behavior he displayed in their first few meetings, and Lizzy insists that she is also to blame. Darcy reveals that the words Lizzy used in her refusal had haunted him, and Lizzy is embarrassed. He says that he hopes the letter helped to change her mind, but that the beginning of the note contained some phrases that were worthy of her hate. He admits that he wrote the letter while in a bad mood, bitter from her rejection. He reveals that he had been taught as a child to be proud, and had needed a woman like Lizzy to teach him how to be worthy of someone as wonderful as herself. He explains that he had been happy to see her at Pemberley, and anxious to change her opinion of him. His sister liked her a lot, and been very unhappy when Lizzy had had to leave Derbyshire so quickly. After a few miles, they head back toward the house, having completely lost Bingley and Jane. Darcy takes the opportunity to reveal to Lizzy that he confessed to Bingley his role in keeping him apart from Jane. Bingley had been completely surprised, and very happy to learn that Jane really did care about him. Back at the house, Lizzy and Darcy part.

Chapter 59

When Lizzy and Darcy return to Longbourn, everyone wonders where they have walked for so long. Lizzy is very happy, but worries that everyone in her family hates Darcy, except Jane. That night, she reveals her secret to Jane, who cannot believe the news. She still thinks that Lizzy does not like him, and wonders whether her sister could be happy with him. Lizzy insists that they are the happiest couple in the world. She asks Jane if she would like him for a brother. Jane assures her that she would, but continues to press Lizzy, wanting to know when her affection for Darcy started. After much reassurance, Jane is satisfied that Lizzy has made the right decision. Lizzy reveals the entire contents of Darcy's letter, his proposal, and the reality of Lydia and Wickham's marriage arrangement. The girls end up talking half of the night.
The next morning, Mr. Bennet spots Mr. Darcy and Mr. Bingley arriving at Longbourn, and wonders why someone as disagreeable and tiresome as Darcy continues to come to his house. Upon entering the house, Bingley excitedly shakes Lizzy's hand, and it is certain that he knows her secret. Lizzy and Darcy go on another walk, and decide to ask for Mr. Bennet's permission that evening. Elizabeth will go to her mother, unsure of which is worse - her mother's loud joy or grating sorrow. That evening, after Mr. Bennet retreats to his library, Mr. Darcy follows him. Lizzy worries that she will make her father unhappy, but is slightly relieved when Mr. Darcy returns with a smile on his face. He tells her that her father wants to speak to her in his library. Once she enters, her father asks her if she is out of her mind. Lizzy wishes she had not previously been so vocal with her dislike, and assures her father that she really does like Darcy. In fact, she loves him. Mr. Bennet explains that he has given his consent, but that he worries Lizzy will not be happy in a marriage of which she did not truly care for her husband. Being a smart girl, it is hard for her to find someone worthy, and he does not want her to make a mistake. Again, Lizzy insists that Darcy is her choice, and that, through gradual change, she has grown to love him. Mr. Bennet finally agrees that, if this is the case, he can only give his blessings. Lizzy completes her assessment of Darcy by revealing his role in Lydia's marriage. Mr. Bennet is overjoyed, both at the character of his future son-in-law, and at the prospect of not having to repay Mr. Gardiner. That night, as her mother prepares for bed, Lizzy tells her mother of her engagement. Mrs. Bennet is shocked into silence, but only momentarily, for soon she is ecstatic, thinking only of Lizzy's impending riches. She sings Darcy's praises, and says she is sorry for thinking badly of him in the past. All her thoughts are on the money and prestige the Bennet family is about to gain. The next day, Mrs. Bennet is in pure awe of her future son-in-law, and Mr. Bennet makes every effort to get to know him. He jokingly suggests that he will grow to love Darcy as much as he enjoys Bingley, but never as much as Wickham.

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