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___________________________Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck



Of Mice and Men

Of Mice and Men Character List:

George Milton - George is a migrant worker who is small in stature and has strong, dark features. He is intelligent, level-headed and ready to deal with any tragedy that may arise. He is a cousin to Lennie and loves him very much. He is always there to bail Lennie out of his troubles.

Lennie Small - Lennie is unnaturally large and has a shapeless face. He drags his feet when he walks and lets his arms hang. He is mentally disabled and needs George's constant attention and care. He has an infatuation with anything soft and furry. He acts impulsively which gets him and George into trouble numerous times.

Curley - Curley is the boss's son, and was a welterweight boxer. He was short and stocky, and wore high-heeled boots and spurs to prove he wasn't a laboring man. He believes himself to be superior to everyone and is aggressive, boastful and cocky. He has a tendency to provoke conflict, as he does with Lennie.

Curley's wife - There isn't much known about her. She isn't even given a name but referred to as Curley's wife. She is lonely because Curley doesn't pay much attention to her. This lack of attention from Curley forces her to seek it elsewhere. She flirts with the other ranch hands but they pay her no attention either. She is in reality the end of George's and Lennie's dream. When Lennie kills her their dream is forever lost.

Candy - He is an old, handicapped man. Having lost a hand, he has become an outcast and is discriminated against. He befriends George and Lennnie and offers them his life savings to help finance their dream. He wants to be a part of it and live on the farm with them. He has a friend and long time companion, his dog. Candy is afraid of being alone but he consents to the killing of his dog and wishes he could have killed him himself after it is over. Candy represents what will ultimately happen to all ranch hands. They will get old and have no place to go.

Crooks - He is a Black stable worker who is crippled. Being disfigured and the only black person, he is an outcast and in a similar position as Candy. He is a proud and bitter man who prefers to stay by himself. He takes a liking to George and Lennie and wants to be part of their dream. He said that he would work for free. He gives up on the farm dream when he realizes it isn't going to work out. He is the only one who understands Lennie, besides George, and befriends him. He looks past Lennie's mental handicap and Lennie looks past Crooks' physical handicap.

Slim - He is a tall, thin and quiet person who is both respected and admired. Everyone seeks his approval, even Curley, who seems to have contempt for everyone else on the ranch. The others give into Slim because his word is the law. He is the voice of reason and understanding, and he consoles George after he has killed Lennie. Slim is the kind of man that George hopes to become one day.

Carlson - He has a lack of concern for other people's feelings and doesn't take time to understand them. He is an insensitive person who cares nothing for others. He pushes for the killing of Candy's dog and doesn't understand why George is so upset after he has killed Lennie. Carlson is the type of man George hopes to avoid becoming.

Boss - There is little known about him, except that Curley is his son. He interviews Lennie and George when they first come to the farm. He becomes suspicious that George is trying to put one over him because he won't let Lennie talk. He thinks that George is going to take Lennie's pay and warns them that he has seen wise guys before. He says that nobody can get away with anything and that they can't trick him. He isn't a trustworthy person.

Whit - He is one of the workers at the ranch

Aunt Clara - She raised Lennie and was very good to him. She is now deceased.

William Tenner - A former worker at the ranch

Andy Cushman - He is an acquaintance from grammar school.

Al Wilts - The deputy sheriff of Soledad


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