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  __________________________1984 by George Orwell




Comprehensive Summary and Review of Part II Chapters 6-10


It is summer and the preparations for "Hate Week", an enormous propaganda event, are in progress. During this period Winston meets Julia more often than ever before. She makes him feel more alive, and healthier. One day O'Brien speaks to Winston in the Ministry of Truth. He refers, obliquely to Syme, the philologist, who has vanished a couple of days before, and is now, as it is called in Newspeak an unperson. In doing so O'Brien is committing a little act of thoughtcrime. O'Brien invites Winston to his flat, to see the latest edition of the Newspeak dictionary. Winston now feels sure that the conspiracy against the Party he had longed to know about - the Brotherhood, as it is called - does exist, and that in the encounter with O'Brien he has come into contact with its outer edge. He knows that he has embarked on a course of action which will lead , in one way or another, to the cells of the Ministry of Love.

Some days later Winston and Julia meet each other to go to the flat of O'Brien, which lies in the district of the Inner Party. They are admitted to a richly furnished room by a servant. To their astonishment O'Brien switches off the Telescreen in the room. (Normally it is impossible to turn it off). Without any care, Winston blurts out why they have come: they want to work against the Party, they believe in the existence of the Brotherhood, and that they think that O'Brien is involved with it. O'Brien asks them a series of questions about their willingness to commit various atrocities on behalf of the Brotherhood and gets their assent. A servant brings real red wine, and they drink a toast to Emanuel Goldstein, the leader of the Brotherhood. They leave, and some days later Winston gets a copy of "The Book", a book written by Emanuel Goldstein, about his political ideas.

Now it is Hate Week and suddenly the war with Eurasia stops, and a war with Eastasia starts. This of course means a lot of work for Winston. He has to change dozens of articles about the war with Eurasia. Nevertheless Winston finds time to read the book. The book has three chapters titled, "War is Peace", "Ignorance is Strength" and "Freedom is Slavery", which were also the main phrases of the party. The main ideas of the book are:

1: War is important for consuming the products of human labor, if this work would be used to increase the standard of living, the control of the party over the people would decrease. War is the economy basis for a hierarchical society.
2: There is an emotional need to believe in the ultimate victory of Big Brother.
3: In becoming continuous war has ceased to exist. The continuity of the war guarantees the permanence of the current order. In other words "War is Peace"
4: There have always been three main grades of society; the High, the Middle and the Low, and no change has brought human equality a millimeter nearer.
5: Collectivism doesn't lead to socialism. In the event the wealth now belongs to the new "high-class", the bureaucrats and administrators. Collectivism has ensured the permanence of economic inequality.
6: Wealth is not inherited from person to person, but it is kept within the ruling group.
7: The masses (proles) are given freedom of thought, because they don't think! A Party member is not allowed the slightest deviation of thought, and there is an elaborate mental training to ensure this, a training that can be summarized in the concept of doublethink.

So far the book analyses how the Party works. It has not yet attempted to deal with why the Party has arisen. Before continuing with the next chapter Winston turns to Julia, and finds her asleep. He also falls asleep. The next morning when he awakes the sun is shining, and down in the yard a prole women is singing and working. Winston is again filled with the conviction that the future lies with the proles, that they will overthrow the grayness of the Party. But suddenly reality crashes in. "We are the DEAD", he says to Julia. An iron voice behind them repeats the phrase, the picture on the wall falls to bits to reveal a telescreen behind it. Uniformed men thunder into the room and they carry Winston and Julia out


Even though Winston's memories are vague, his dreams help him sort them out.

It is surprising to note that Winston can be taken in so readily by O'Brien and that he doesn't try to do more research on the validity of the Brotherhood.. One would have thought that he would have become suspicious when O'Brien was able to switch off the Telescreen.

The climax is reached when Winston states "We are the dead" and the Thought Policeman behind the telescreen repeats the same words.


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