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:The Attack On Guadalcanal
The Attack On Guadalcanal War is a conflict that arouses through the anger of others toward each other. War is something that could always be avoided, yet it occurs all over the world everyday. The current situation happening in Bosnia could have been avoided by talking it out. Two years ago, seven men who were in my class, murdered an innocent man going in D'Agelos sub shop to pick up his girlfriend. He was killed instantly when one of the young men bashed the other man with a baseball bat over his head. For weeks after the situation, our school focused many programs upon us about conflict resolution. Many of the wars and battles are fought because of differences amongst certain opinions. The actual fighting that occurs is because the parties involved can't or don't know how to resolve the conflict without fighting. War has been occurring since the beginning of history. In the United States history there has been the American Revolution, Spanish/American War, War of 1812, Civil War, World War, World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War, and the Gulf War. We have also gotten involved in other conflicts that weren't wars. The American Revolution brought about our freedom as a union. The Civil War almost killed the union. After the Civil War, the United States has been the mediator in many conflicts. We were once known as the policeman of the world.(pg 390, American History). Although I don't think fighting is appropriate for anyone to do, we have made the world less chaotic in many war stricken countries. America had been pondering the idea of getting involved in World War II to help out the Allied powers. Pearl Harbor was the turning point of the war for the United States. We got involved to make sure that the world wasn't to fall in the hands of Hitler, Mussolini, or any other dictators who were hungry for power. People at this time felt that America should be there and it was our duty to be there. Other wars had the opposite opinions of the citizens of the United States. The Vietnam conflict had people irritated because we were involved. Many people thought that we shouldn't have gotten involved with Vietnam. My grandfather was in the Armed Forces, Navy, during the time of World War II. His name is John Shea. He is a bandleader and plays drums. He just celebrated his 50th wedding anniversary and 40th anniversary at playing at Mosley's Ballroom. He held many jobs while playing for all these years. He was in the Navy for five years, three months, and two days. He was a reserve for many years after. He is still a current member of the Ancient and Honorable group. He was in the military when Pearl Harbor was bombed. His opinion on this was a sneak attack on the United States. He was upset and angry that they would do this. He doesn't hate Japanese people though. Five weeks after Pearl Harbor, he was being shipped out of the Brooklyn Naval Yard to head to the Pacific Ocean. They traveled down the coast of America and crossed through the Panama Canal. They traveled to such islands as Baton, the Philippines, New Caledonia, and Australia. They arrived at their destination, Guadalcanal. Guadalcanal was the first offensive attack on the Japanese. This battle started the Pacific front and the battles that followed. The United States had a great strategy to beat the Japanese. After the Midway victory, General MacArthur and Admiral Nimitz wanted to exploit the victory by having a speedy change-over from the defensive to the counteroffensive in the Pacific. (pg. 356, History of the Second World War). The Joint Chiefs of Staff decided on having a meeting to discuss a strategy. The outcome of the meeting came on July 2nd. It stated that the offensive was to be carried out in three stages. The first stage was to be the occupation of Santa Cruz island and the eastern Solomon Islands. The most important of these islands was to be the islands Tulagi and most important, Guadalcanal. The second stage was to capture the rest of the Solomons and the New Guinea coast as far as the Huon Peninsula. The remaining stage was the capturing of Rabaul, the main Japanese base in the south-west Pacific. (pg 356, History...Second World War). Both MacArthur and Nimitz were disappointed because they immediately wanted to go after Rabaul. My grandfather arrived off the coast of Guadalcanal in December of 1942. He was in the infantry. He was the leader of the band that was on the ship. He said that it was a harsh battle that the Americans eventually won. A reconasence pilot had made a statement that the Japanese were building an airstrip at Lunga Point. An airstrip this close to America and in the Pacific made Guadalcanal the primary target. Military historians regard the attack on Guadalcanal a defensive maneuver to protect American supply lines. (pg 269, The War 1939-1945, Snyder).


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